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רוצה להכיר : גבר בגילאים 18 - 45 באזור ישראל
מטרה: חברות, אהבה, נישואין, בילוי

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I'm DANDY breathing for 29 years in this judgemental world :) in my life i've never try to pacify myself for them to like me i ain't making it real, i'am doing it real i would rather to keep that image for the rest of my life coz it'll make me a better person!

♥they're jelous to what i have that they ain't get, the fact that i have alot of haters and critics is that they're not get into my nerves i don't fought back to them for nothing! they said my tittle was disgusting, but for me they're just a FECES sticking on my way!

♥people soaked with lies from the other peoples mouth its just that their just a "MENACY TO OUR SOCIETY" beacause they're made believed by a saying! why you'll gonna say worst when you ain't not sure ;s COME ASK ME TO THE FACT THAT COMES ONLY FROM MY OWN MOUTH :/

♥everything that i ever did, happens for a reason. i may be mislead to make some mistakes, but god knows im down for it to take another chance to make it up. i'am no different from others coz i'am not PERFECT god is whom shall i fear for! not others, not even YOU!

♥i love all the peoples who makes me happy and i don't give up any single minute of my life with them! when im happy my worries fade a way for moment! my problems disappear not for a lifetime but for an a hour! if i laugh, i laughed with all my heart not knowing i might die now or tomorrow.

♥i'am adventurous, funny, sweet, easy to be with, naughty, crazy, humble, down to earth, happy go lucky, easy to approached, nasty, moody, quite incisive, i got brains for them, they say it so.. but a got a frailheart i easily pitty to peoples who can't pulled themselves back on, i weaked on that rather them :( *THAT'S ALL! BUT iT DOES'NT MEAN THAT YOU KNOW ME NOW OR AS WELL AS NEVER!* TAKE iT OVER.. SWALLOW MY THOUGHTS.. TASTE iT! AND DiG iT! PEOPLE CHANGE SO i MiGHT CHANGE TOO! =)

♥if you would prefer to love me then i'll do the same thang!

♥ REMEMBER THAT! haha :))))

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מצב משפחתי: רווק
המוצא: אסיאתי

מראה חיצוני

משקל: 60 ק"ג
גובה: 175 ס"מ
מראה כללי: ממוצע
מבנה גוף: רזה
צבע עור: שחום
צבע העיניים: שחור
אורך שיער: קצר
סוג שיער: גלי
צבע שיער: שחור


סדר יום: "עפרון" - מקדימ/ה לישון ומקדימ/ה לקום
הרגלי עישון: לפעמים
הרגלי שתיה: לפעמים
משקה אלכוהול אהוב עלי: קוברה
הרגלי אכילה: רגיל

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ידיעת שפות: עברית
חיית מחמד: כלב
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רישיון נהיגה: ישנו

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